About us

Founded on January, 2016, Agilead Global aims to offer innovative solutions to tough problems related to productivity, creativity and the competitiveness of IT labor force. Agilead focuses on innovative educational technologies which help our clients to grow. Agilead want to become a pioneering company in the creative economy of Vietnam.

Our members

Agile Academy, the first unit of Agilead, officially ran on December 28, 2015, focusing on comprehensive management consulting, coaching, training about Agile management. Agile Academy is self-tasked to support individuals, groups and organizations increase productivity and creativity through practicing, transferring knowledge and nurturing Agile and Lean philosophy.
CodeGym is a project of Agilead successfully spinoff in 2017. Since December 22, 2017, Codegym has becomes an independent legal entity as CodeGym Vietnam, focuses on programming training, software development to solve the problem of lacking human resources in the software industry in Vietnam, both in terms of quality and quantity. CodeGym wishes to become a key player who follows the modern philosophy in the field of programmed training in a short time.
Sophia is a collaboration initiative between two pioneering enterprises in the new technology industry, NAL and Agilead. Sophia want to create opportunities for people to learn about advances, modern technology like that AI, Data Science, Blockchain, IoT.
Agilearn is project to develop the online learning system.

Our vision

Agilead dreams to become a pioneer organization in Vietnam’s innovative economy.

By 2020, Agile Academy will become the best Agile training center in Southeast Asia.

By 2022, CodeGym will become a key player in providing high quality human resources to the IT industry in Vietnam.

Core values


Agileaders love working and finding working happiness, striving to build and sustain love in every employee. The pleasure of customers while using Agilead’s services is the joy of the Agileaders. Agileaders always focus on the present moment, striving hard to overcome the difficulties and limitations of ourselves and the company; as well as constantly looking for every opportunity to help and support customer development.


Agileaders make a lot of efforts to develop the relationship among co-workers and customers to make them become close friends. Thus, we appreciate, support, collaborate, and go along together not only in term of working at the office but also in our daily life. We never forget to look up and create new opportunity to share and sympathy with each other.


Agileaders maintain life-long learning, are never afraid of renewing or changing things that have become familiar to, as well as love innovation-creativity, continuous improvement to make a difference and follow up to pursue excellence. Agileaders never satisfy with our successes, we always try to challenge ourselves to move up forward.


There is no company become great without the discipline. Agileaders are aware of self-control and self-discipline through every action and thought. Agileaders appreciate the productivity and affection which can be considered as a measure of the work and discipline of ourselves as well as the organization to constantly improve our disciplines in the smallest. Agileaders focus on building disciplined human, thinking and action to strengthen and break barriers to greatness.

Contact us

  • +8424-6653-5759
  • 11th Floor, MD Complex building, 68 Nguyen Co Thach street, Cau Dien ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city, Vietnam